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Strangers On A Train Play Review Want to hear one of my ideas for the perfect murder?

So Strangers On A Train was my first play of 2018 and what an amazing show it was. 
The play opened with a train carriage introducing two lead male characters, Charles Bruno played by Coronation Street bad boy Chris Harper. And Guy Haines played by Call The Midwife Vicar, Jack Ashton. Charles was a cold and calculated man with a dark secret. Early on I could tell he used the drink as his best friend and throughout the play, he became a man who was very lonely and sufferers from depression.Those were my thoughts about the way he portrayed his character. One of the things I loved about him was how the more he drank, the more honest he became with the other characters, I just thought it was very clever. 

Guy, was a happy go lucky successful businessman and after one too many drinks, the casual conversation suddenly turned extremely dark. They both came up with a plan that would change both of their lives forever. 

I loved how it was a period drama and was set in America and all of the characters could pull of the American accent extremely well, So there was no need to worry about that. The main reason I wanted to see this play was because Chris Harper was in it. I loved him in Coronation Street as bad boy Nathan Curtis (I secretly wish he was still in the show anyone else?). So as soon as I saw that he was doing this, I knew I had to get a ticket.

 I was lucky enough to get three tickets. Which I gave two to my best friend and her Mum as a Xmas Present, so we could all go and see it together. It was at the Theatre Royal in Brighton a beautiful theatre and I always think they do well with the staging production on stage, they work well with what they have. For example, in the phone conversation scenes, they played one part and then they had the other character also on the phone, on stage at the same time. So that the audience could hear both sides of the conversation. I thought this was very interesting and creative as normally people only hear one side of a conversation on a phone.

 Jack Ashton's character Guy Haines played the role of him as a very sane and happy man. But that soon changed once he met Charles Bruno, Charlie or Bruno his many nicknames in the play. Played by Chris Harper, destroying his life. I also liked how there were some scenes that were really funny and made the audience laugh. As I love drama but I think sometimes it's always good to have funny moments too. But most of the time I found myself with the rest of the audience on the edge of my seat, shocked by what I was watching unfold. 

I was looking forward to seeing Hannah Tointon, younger sister of Kara Tointon also another brilliant actress. Hannah was fantastic as her character Anne Faulkner, this role was completely different from her character in Hollyoaks and The Inbetweeners. But as an actor or actress that's what they are looking for each time to play different characters. 

After the interval leaving the audience on a cliffhanger the next character we are introduced to, is the private investigator played by Emmerdale's John Middleton, who was also fantastic. And once again it was really interesting to see him play a completely different character. 

As well as being based on the book by Patricia Highsmith which I now need to add to my ever-growing reading list. Hitchcock also made a movie which once again I need to add to my ever-growing movie watch list. But apparently the ending is different in the movie, I wonder if the ending is different in the book too, I shall have to find out for myself. 

The staging was fantastic the way it transitioned from a train carriage to the multiple house scenes. One of my favorite house scenes was Charles turning up at Guy's wedding it created drama and tension in the storyline. I just loved the audience's reaction when we saw Charles there it was an ooh! reaction. The transitioning was seamless of the staging between every scene. And the way it was operated was very clever.  

I also loved the characters clothes particularly Charles Bruno's style. The sets, the music, and props were amazing on stage too, I also loved the scenes where Charles was drunk he was just really funny. I just basically loved the play so much and speaking of endings, I certainly didn't predict that I don't think anyone did. Overall I loved the play and I'm so lucky and happy, that I got the chance to see it. I saw it on the last day it was showing at Brighton, until Saturday 13th January. I would recommend it if it is showing at a theatre near you, go and see it if you can. 

Running time: About 2 hours and 23 minutes (including a 15-minute interval)

Check out this cool photoshoot video of actors and actress as their characters:


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