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Yerma Play Review

So at my local cinema, they were streaming the live play of Yerma showing in London. I jumped at the chance as I've wanted to see it for a while ever since Billie Piper was announced as starring in it. She is one of my favorite actresses, and I've seen her play The Effect that she starred in a few years ago that was also an amazing performance. I actually met her after at the stage door, got my photo with her and her autograph. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to faint but she was so lovely. 

Now Yerma is about a young woman that is driven to the unthinkable by her desperate desire to have a child. Bille Piper stars as the main character, it's set in modern-day London and Piper's portrayal of a woman in her thirties is so desperate to conceive a child that it results in a shocking and staggering climax. 
Bille Piper was truly incredible with her performance, just stunning. 

 Now I thought it was interesting to see that it was set in contemporary London.  


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Victoria Series 1 Review

Victoria Series 1 ITV period drama starring Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria. Written by Daisy Goodwin I found this series really interesting to watch, and to learn about what it might have been like in that period of time. It started of as Victoria finds out she was Queen at the young age of eighteen years old. 

The series follows her through the early years of her reign as she tires to prove herself as a woman and a moncarch. It seems that family and friends of the Queen were already expecting her to fail, or they were trying to cause trouble so that she would makes mistakes or even worse. I felt like saying give her a break, just leave her alone. She had just become Queen of England at such a young age she didn't need more pressure and drama as well. 

Another one of my favourite characters is Lord Melbourne played by Rufus Sewell. The chemistry between his character and Victoria is incredible, I absolutely love them together, in any scene. Rufus and Jenna must have a great friendship off screen because I feel like they bring the characters they play to life on screen. 

Another pairing of characters I like are Mr Francatelli played by Ferdinand Kingsley, and Miss Skerrett, played by Nell Hudson. Amazing actors who once again have brilliant chemistry on screen. Once again I feel like they must be great friends of screen to create the kind of chemistry that they have on screen. 

I also really love the character of Alberts Brother Prince Ernest played by David Oakes. And The Duchess of Sutherland, Harriet played by Margaret Clunie, another great pairing of characters who should in my opinion just be together already. 

I also really like the character Sir Robert Peel played by the actor Nigel Lindsay.I just really like how when watching the series you find yourself wanting to know what the characters next motives are to continue their individual story around Queen Victoria.  

Overall I would really recommend the series if you love watching period dramas, romance or learning about history, Jenna Coleman or Queen Victoria. I can't wait for the second series of this drama, to see where the characters are now after we left them at the end of series one. 


Wednesday, 18 October 2017

War & Peace Review Mama says that girls are like mayflies. That they have their day in the sun and then it’s over. Well, it’s more than a day. But how long? A year or two to choose or be chosen and then… And then that’s our life settled. Forever.

War and Peace BBC Period Drama in a six episode series. Each episode is as captivating as the next in terms of the journey that each character goes on. As whilst watching it you want to find out what happens to them next. Set in incredible locations and beautiful scenery. 

James Norton gives a brilliant performance as his character Andrei Bolkonsky. He falls in love with Natasha Rostova and their love story is captivating. The waltz scene between those two characters is one of the most stunning scenes ever to be filmed. Just everything about the scene fits perfectly together, the colours, the music, the bright lights, the clothes and the dance between these two characters. Watching it you feel like you are dancing with them or you get lost with them in the scene. As you follow them throughout the dance. 

Lily James is mesmerizing as Natasha Rostova, the female lead brings a natural stunning beauty to her character. Sometimes if it wasn't with her words you could tell what the character was saying just by her eyes, or one look on her face. 

Some of my favourite quotes throughout the series: 

 "Mama says that girls are like mayflies. That they have their day in the sun and then it’s over.  Well, it’s more than a day.

 But how long? A year or two to choose or be chosen and then… And then that’s our life settled. Forever."

“I’ve been staring into the abyss, Pierre. So now, my sole aim is to live for myself. To do as little harm as possible and to have as little to do with other people as I can.”  

"You seem to have the gift of happiness."

Well, don’t we all have it, somewhere within us?"

"Is this really you?"

"Forgive me, I'm so sorry forgive me" 

 "For what?"

"For what I did"

"Natasha I love you"

"You can't love me" 

"I love you more better than I did before"

"I know it's all over and I'm tormented by the wrong I've done him, but will you..." 

"Will you ask him if he can forgive me"

"I love you and now there is no one for me, but I will remember you" 

"Not like this" 

"Yes... yes like this but also like."

The three main characters Andrei, Natasha and Pierre played by Paul Dano are involved in a love triangle throughout the mini series. All love triangles I found myself falling in love with two characters out of the three. I loved Andrei and Natasha's relationship more so than Pierre and Natasha. 

Another one of my favourite scenes is where Andrei and Natasha find each other. The scene is beautifully written & once again incredible acting from two of the main characters. Andrei and Natasha have great chemistry throughout the series. 

Overall I really liked the mini series of War & Peace and I would recommend it if you like period dramas, a love story, history or Leo Tolstoy and his work as it is based from his book named War and Peace.  


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Wednesday Wishlist: War & Peace, Victoria & Lily Collins Book

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