Monday, 31 October 2016


Well hello there, ASOS are doing a 20% off deal with the code MAJOR20 until 8am tomorrow. So I put together a quick wishlist of some of the items, I have been lusting over for a while. So I thought I would share with you all so you can enjoy the 20% off too. As I'm writing this I am currently in bed feeling sorry for myself as my time of the month has decided to say hello. Anyway I digress here is my wishlist Enjoy :) 

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I hope you have enjoyed this post what items do you like from my wishlist? 
And have been lusting over anything ASOS recently? 





Monday, 17 October 2016

My Writing: Stepping Into The Unknown Chapter One Part 1

Stepping Into The Unknown 

Chapter One

Jude’s fingers twitched on his right hand, his eyes snapped open and the whole of his right hand jerked. Jude took in his surroundings with curiosity, whilst coming to life, he found himself in an abandoned living room. The room was a bit dingy, a few lights were on and scattered around the room. The Television was fuzzy and making crackling noises, the lights kept flickering causing his breathing to increase. After a few minutes they stopped flickering and went back to normal, he didn’t think anything of it. He was still trying to take in his surroundings, whilst his body was cracking, stretching and stumbling to life. He stood up from the tatty dark brown chair he found himself in and his back arched, he heard his spine crack into place. Before he knew what was happening his legs began to move, he nearly tripped over his own feet, whilst stumbling around the room. 

He could hear every bone in his body crack into place, he didn’t really have time to scream in pain every time he thought about it he would hear another bone crack into place. He just grunted and growled whilst his body was bought to life, in this horrific way. He thought it would never be over he didn’t know how many bones there were in the human body, he didn’t realise there were that many. He made a mental note he would have to find an answer to that question, if he ever found anyone else living where he was at the moment. When the pain ordeal was finally over, he snapped his eyes back open and gasped breathing for air. Taking deep breaths in and out, trying to calm himself down, eventually he felt his body relax. He scrambled off of the floor and started taking a good look round the room. Well that’s what he thought, he was standing up straight but he hadn’t moved for a few minutes. To him it felt like his feet were glued to the floor, he let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding. And he found his feet began to move it was then that he noticed he was wearing a pair of dark brown brogues he had grey checked trousers on a smart blue buttoned shirt and a smart grey jacket, in the same grey colour as his trousers that matched. He watched them as his feet slowly shuffled forward, his legs followed, he found himself looking at the window and what was around them. Jude noticed it was some sort of floral pattern on a light cream material and there was two of them. He clutched one with an outstretched hand, he wrapped his fingers around the material and pulled it away from him. He swiped it back and got behind it, pulling it around himself, his back and knees were bent as he looked up in awe of it. He let it go and removed himself from the material, he staggered over to an object that was making a loud crackling noise, he decided straight there and then that he didn’t like the look of it, let alone the sound of it. The object made him feel uneasy and scared of it, he moved on from that one rather quickly. 

His right hand fell onto another object, it was cream and it had lots of numbers on it. Jude picked it up and took the item apart. He wrapped his left hand in the wire and started moving his hand up and down. This caused the object to bounce, he smiled at the sight after so many minutes he got bored of it. So he placed the item back where he found it, on an old dark brown long rectangle object. Jude didn’t place it back how he found it though, he left half of the item hanging upside down and it was swinging back and forth, he smiled at his handy work but frowned when the object fell to the floor in a few seconds. 

Jude shrugged and looked back up from the floor it was then that he noticed there were two other people in the room, a woman and another man, he went over to the woman and tried to wake her. Jude brushed the back of his right hand against her left cheek and waited for a few seconds to see  if anything happened, nothing. He removed his hand from there and moved it to her shoulder and then shook her, once again nothing happened. Then he tried patting against her chest, nothing. Jude sighed and walked away from her and went over to the man to see if he would wake up. He shook him by the shoulders and waited but nothing happened, he walked away from him with his head down. It would have been nice if someone else was with him in this strange world he had just come to life in. 

AN: Hey everyone let me know if you like this type of post so I can do more. This is the first time I've posted about my writing on here, I hope you enjoy it. 
Many thanks 

Kelly :) 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

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