Sunday, 5 October 2014

Muppets Most Wanted

On the 29th March 2014 I saw the film Muppets Most Wanted, with my best friend. Now this is a kids film and the main reason why I wanted to see this was because of the two celebrity cameos, in it. They were James McAvoy & Saoirse Ronan, there were loads more celebrity cameos but these were the ones I was most excited for. 

The celebrity cameos don't last long but I still found them really interesting. Now the film in a nutshell is about the Muppets going on a world tour, they find themselves mixed into a European jewel-heist. That's headed by a Kermit The Frog look-alike and his cruel sidekick. I found the film funny, entertaining and interesting even if it is a kids film. I think that sometimes it's nice to watch a kids film, as they can be funny, rather than all of these dramatic films, sometimes.

So in the film James McAvoy plays a UPS guy and Saoirse Ronan plays a ballerina. There cameos are only on for a few seconds but they are seconds of perfection, also brilliantly acted. Also I would love it if James was my UPS guy.

Overall I would recommend this film if you like the Muppets, the celebrities involved, music and comedies. 

If you've seen the Muppets Most Wanted what did you think of it? 






  1. This is one film that I really want to watch! xx


    1. Cool thank you so much for commenting xx


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