Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street

On 22nd February I saw the film The Wolf of Wall Street, it was amazing. I was really excited to see this film because there was so much hype around it when it came out, also I had read the book before hand. Which I strongly recommend as the film doesn't include everything that's in the book. If they did I think it would be the longest film ever. They have to keep the film interesting and the plot going. The film is 3 hours long but it's Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese. I've seen Titanic and The Aviator so I knew what I was letting myself in for. Another reason why I really wanted to see this film was because it was Leonardo DiCaprio's latest film and I love him. 

He stars as the main character Jordan Belfort and the story is true. So everything that the audiences sees has actually happened. He plays a wealthy stock broker who is living the high life but to his fail in corruption, the federal government and crime. At the beginning of the film he starts of as having a low level job at an established Wall Street firm. He works his way up the ladder very quickly.

Now the only scene I don't like is the scene with Jordan and Venice, if you've seen the film then you know which scene I'm talking about. The reason why I don't like this scene is because Venice is hurting Jordan and I don't like Leo getting hurt. I have a few favourite scenes from this film and they are: The Yacht sinking scene  if you click on the link it will take you to this scene, I couldn't find all of the GIFs I wanted so that is why I've put the link to the scene in this post. While I was watching this scene in the cinema I couldn't help but keep on thinking of the film Titanic that Leo was in and where that boat sunk. The next scene that is one of my favourites is: Jordan and Naomi arguing water fight scene  again if you click on the link it will take you to this scene. Another one of my favourites is: Jordan get's super high at the Country Club crawling to his car scene Just watching this scene at the cinema I was on the edge of my seat it's excruciating to watch and for me it was one of those scenes where I couldn't look away in case I missed anything. Another scene that is one of my favourites is: Naomi teases Jordan in front of the camera scene I love this scene because I love the part with the camera and her plan backfires it's so funny, it was in the book and I loved it. So I was so happy when they included this scene in the film too because it's hilarious. The last scene that is one my favourites is: Jordan fights with Donnie to hang up the phone scene Again it was another scene that was excruciating to watch because I really wanted Donnie to hang up the phone. This scene that I linked also includes the part where Jordan saves Donnie which I love too. I love what Jordan is wearing in this scene. 

Overall I would highly recommend this film because it's a true story. It's not just a film about sex and drugs it's film that has a fantastic storyline that is about a real man named Jordan Beflort. It's a film that is funny but is also dramatic too. Leo deserves an Oscar for this film he will get one one day, I am sure of it. He play's the role of Jordan Belfort perfectly and I can't wait to get the film on DVD because I need it in my life. Also Martin Scorsese  and Leonardo DiCaprio have done it again they have created another masterpiece. 

Photo source: GIFs from tumblr

If you've seen the film what did you think of it? 

P.S. More reviews of Leo films to come in the future on my blog :) 




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