Sunday, 6 July 2014

Filth Film

When the film Filth came out on DVD I went out and bought it. I got it because I had wanted to see it when it first came out in the cinema, but I never did for some reason. Now the reason why I wanted to see this film was because it was James McAvoy's new film. 

Now I had read the book written by Irvine Welsh before seeing the film. The book is amazing and I would recommend it, I would happily read it again. So by reading the book beforehand I knew what was going to happen in the film if they stayed true to the book. Which I think they did and I was excited to see some of my favourite parts from the book in the film and how they would look in the film. 

From reading the book first it takes the reader on such an interesting journey with different emotions. It's funny, dramatic and an incredible book and even though the reader is meant to hate the character Bruce Robertson I ended up liking him because he is so insane. He is also messed up and it has a dramatic ending. I also felt like I had known the main character Bruce Robertson. Everything I just mentioned translate from the book to the film for me I feel the same emotions from the book and the film. However for the film it does help that James McAvoy is playing Bruce Robertson but while reading the book knowing he'd been cast for the main character, I could see him playing the character. However in the film his character looks worse for wear because he's a pervert, alcoholic, psycho, rude and a cop.  

The plot of the film is that James McAvoy's character Bruce Robertson is a Cop his police force are offering a promotion and he will stop at nothing to get that promotion to win back his family his wife and daughter. The film is an 18 certificate and has swearing, sex scenes and drug scenes in it. The location of the film is set in Scotland James McAvoy's home town. I really want to go to Scotland. The soundtrack for the film is amazing it just ties in with the film so well one of my favourite songs on it is Creep by Clint Mansell and Coco Summer. 

James McAvoy gives an amazing performance as his character and he takes you on this emotional roller-coaster of a journey and in the end makes you feel sorry for him or he did for me anyway. If you haven't seen this film I seriously recommend that you do because it's not just about sex and drugs, it actually has a story to it. Also I thought it was lovely how James got to use his Scottish accent in this film as his fans will know you rarely hear it for a film normally they want him to use a British accent. I'm saying there is nothing wrong with that but it's just nice to hear his accent for a change. 

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If you've seen the film what did you think of it? 






  1. love is fucking cruel, he's right about that...
    I haven't seen this movie!...but I'm dying to see it now!
    ...and I love his work, his an excellent actor..thanks for the heads up...I'm a big time movie freak.. I must see this one now haha

    1. Yeah it's so good, I love his work too and I totally agree with you he is an excellent actor. No problem cool same, great haha


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