Friday, 9 May 2014

Inside Llewyn Davis Film

So on Saturday 25th January 2014 I went to London with my best friend, we had planned to go and see Jude Law in Henry IV but unfortunately I was ill and we had missed out on the day tickets. So we had to think of something else to do in London, we did try looking at other shows around but most had sold out tickets or they only had tickets left for that evening. We didn't really fancy spending all afternoon in London just waiting for an evening showing of a play. So it was then that we decided to go and see a film, the film we decided to see was Inside Llewyn Davis. 

Now I really wanted to see this film because I really love Carey Mulligan who is in the film, I also like Justin Timberlake who is also in the film and also the film just sounded really interesting and cool. I'm so pleased and grateful that I got to see it in London with my best friend. The film was amazing and for me it was one of those films where I came away from thinking about life in general and how much has changed about and also it made me think about music. 

Overall I would recommend the film if you like folk music or the actors involved my favourite song from the film was 500 miles sung by Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan, obsessed with this song :) 

Photo source: all GIFs from Tumblr

If you've seen the film what did you think of it? 






  1. Very funny gifs :)
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