Wednesday, 2 April 2014

An Instagram Update

This post is well overdue but better late than never and these Instagram photos are from months ago but I thought I would still upload them I hope you enjoy :)

From Left to Right: 

01. 2013 has been a great year I hope 2014 is a good one Happy New Year everyone :) / 02. Hello January Edward & Bella :) / 03. Hello Rob :) / 04. Hello Eleventh Doctor & Amy :) / 05. A days ago I uploaded #vlogmas Day 21 please search Winterskel on YouTube to watch & comment it would mean a lot to me :) / 06. I also uploaded #vlogmas Day 22 please search Winterskel on YouTube to watch & please comment :) / 07. I also uploaded #vlogmas Day 23 please search Winterskel on YouTube to watch & please comment :) / 08. I also uploaded #vlogmas Day 24 please search Winterskel on YouTube & please comment :) / 09. Have you seen my birthday haul of 2013 please search Winterskel on YouTube to watch & please comment :) / 10. I also uploaded #vlogmas Day 25 please search Winterskel on YouTube to watch & please comment :) / 11. Outfit of the Night heading out for dinner soon :) / 12. Outfit of the night my jeans are Topshop & boots from New Look :) / 13. Outfit of the night makeup :) / 14. The best tweet notification @fleurdeforce favourited my tweet about her being in the TV programme Secrets of the Sales thank you so much this has made my night / 15. I swear I was trying to kid myself it was summer with my outfit today, I wish it was, I also wore my beige Converse which you can't see in the photo / 16. My Mum bought me these today I got 3 Milk Chocolate & 3 Brownie, I have 1 left of each, so yummy :) / 17. I got this today in the New Look sale for £9 I think it's a good cosplay for Clara Oswald's one in The Time of The Doctor played by Jenna Louise Coleman, I'm so happy with it :) what do you think of it? :) / 18. Just got a cool email, so excited thanks for @jimtweetings for favouriting my tweet :) / 19. Earlier tonight I watched the film Last Night which I got for Christmas, I've seen it before & it's very interesting, I love the location, the clothes Keira wears, I love Keira Knightley & the music is really interesting :) / 20. My Chelsea Boots came from eBay I'm so happy with them, I can't wait to wear them, I got them because they look practically identical to the ones Jenna Louise Coleman wore in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode :) / 21. I got these today the Essie nail varnish in Blanc because @rhiannonashlee has worn it in a lot of her vlog videos & it looked really nice & I bought the Soap and Glory Smoulder Khol eyeliner because of @elaine12jones she uses it, it really suits her, I've heard great things about it, so I'm going to try & teach myself on how to apply the eyeliner :) / 22. Leonardo DiCaprio on my screen at the Golden Globes I'm so proud of him & he finally one a Golden Globe, truly deserved & it's been a long time coming :) / 23. What I wore to College today 14/02/14 :) / 24. Also wore my new Topshop Month Chelsea Boots that I got for Christmas last year, they are so comfy :) / 25. This was nice to come home to, a nice surprise, I can't wait to try it on :) / 26. Last Wednesday I saw Delivery Man at the cinema with my Mum, I would recommend it, it was a very sweet & funny film, I had a lovely time with my Mum :) / 27. Saturday yesterday I saw Richard II starring David Tennant at the Barbican Theatre in London, it was amazing & I would highly recommend it, I had a wonderful day in London with the best friend :) / 28. I love my new iPhone case thanks to my Mum for getting it for me, I had to get a new one because my other one had broken, this one reminds me of Doctor Who with the Galaxy print, I love the Galaxy print :) / 29. I need your help I saw this in the window of Peacocks & then found it online on their website ever since I saw Clara Oswald have a red satchel have a red satchel on Doctor Who I've been looking for one, do you think this one looks like hers? Do you think it's something she would use, your advice is appreciated :) / 30. This was the dress that came in the New Look parcel the other day, I've decided to keep it, I was going to send it back but then I started pairing it with other items of clothing & shoes & now I really like it. Sometimes it just takes a few days to think about it & realise about a certain piece of clothing, If it will work in your wardrobe or not & if you will like it or not, do you know what I mean? :) / 31. I think it would look nice pairing it with this cardigan also from New Look :) / 32. Also Paired with my Chelsea Boots from eBay :) / 33. Got the best tweet notification today thank you @misspassey make sure you vote for her for best newcomer for Hollyoaks as her character Sienna Blake, good luck Anna, I've voted for you :) / 34. I also got another great tweet notification, thank you @msbudgetbeauty for following my twitter, I love your YouTube videos :) / 35. I got my SpecSavers glasses today, I have to wear them for reading and computer work :) / 36. I purchased these last week on Tuesday the Greek Mythes & Legends book is for my writing evening class there will be an update video on my YouTube channel on that soon. I also purchased The Time of The Doctor, I do want to watch it but I don't at the same time. 





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