Monday, 30 December 2013

An Instagram Update

This post is well overdue but better late than never and these Instagram photos are from months ago but I thought I would still upload them as I haven't done one of these posts for a while, I hope you enjoy :) 

From Left to Right: 

01. The Cripple of Inishmaan Theatre Programme :) / 02. A Chorus Line was amazing musical I saw that on the same day too :) / 03. Got a cool keyring and some Haribo smurfs from my new German friends on that day too :) / 04. I also got a new vlogging camera that day too, I'm so excited and grateful, I can't wait to try it I'll probably take pictures with it too :) / 05. Thanks Mum I can't wait to try it :) / 06. New Blog Post link in my Instagram bio please check it out I will edit it when I get back from my weekend away :) / 07. Saw Grease at an open air screening :) / 08. New video it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out just search Winterskel on YouTube :) / 09. The view from the hotel I stayed in :) / 10. The dinner I had on Thursday on my holiday :) / 11. The pizza I had on Friday the last night of my holiday :) / 12. The pudding I had afterwards I only managed to eat one :) / 13. Last view of the sea on Saturday morning on my holiday :) / 14. Probably the best thing I've bought on a holiday :) / 15. The pudding I had earlier today only managed to eat half of it / 16. Brand New Video just search for Winterskel on YouTube it would mean a lot to me if you checked it out :) / 17. I love these flake cakes :) / 18. Birthday cards on last Wednesday :) / 19. My first birthday present I got last Wednesday :) / 20. My birthday cake from last Wednesday :) / 21. A better photo of the cake :) / 22. Candles on the cake :) / 23. Lit candles on the cake :) / 24. The cake is amazing :) / 25. Recent magazine purchases I got Instyle magazine because of the Robert Pattinson interview & the Kristen Stewart Florabotanica ad, I also got the Esquire magazine because it had a free book which is Filth by Irvine Welsh with James McAvoy on the cover, I can't wait to read Instyle magazine and the book :) / 26. Crisp sandwich :) / 27. I need this on my bedroom wall I might cut it out of the magazine :) / 28. Dior Rob gorgeous I can't wait to read the article :) / 29. More Dior Rob and that pool scene :) / 30. Even more Dior Rob this magazine :) / 31. Keira Knightley Chanel advert :) / 32. Crumpets :) / 33. I need this in my life it's from River Island in the UK it reminds me of Kristen Stewart's Ecote green  canvas rucksack :) / 34. Downton Abbey time I'm obsessed with this programme at the moment :) / 35. My dinner made my Friday night :) / 36. Love me some Starter for 10 some nerdy Brian Jackson James McAvoy :) 






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