Monday, 25 November 2013

An Instagram Update #37, #38, #39, #40, #41, #42 & #43

This post is well overdue but better late than never and these Instagram photos are from months ago but I thought I would still upload them as I haven't done one of these posts for a while, I hope you enjoy :) 

From Left to Right: 

01. Share a Diet Coke with Friends glass bottle :) / 02. My lunch I had on Wednesday :) / 03. I also had a small baguette :) / 04. My drink that I had with my lunch on Wednesday :) / 05. I finally found my name, I found it on Wednesday :) / 06. I love chocolate fudge :) / 07. My new top that I got from one of the great stalls from the horse show jumps :) / 08. I also got a new dress from there as well :) / 09. My new top that I got from New Look today reminds me of Kristen's the one she wore recently :) / 10. Got this from work today I can't wait to watch it as I've never seen it and I only got it because James McAvoy is in it :) / 11. I love their happy ending they get in the film :) / 12. My first Instagram video is of the rain very therapeutic and it just decided to chuck it down while I'm inside all cozy and warm watching a film :) / 13. I got Trance today I'm so excited and happy, I watched it and I still love it, it's still amazing :) / 14. I also got this from a charity shop it's mainly a book shop but it also sells DVDs, I just hope it works and I can't wait to watch it, I got it for £1 :) / 15. Is having a late breakfast :) / 16. Dinner :) / 17. New Blog Post it would mean a lot to me if you checked out this latest post and commented, telling me what you think of it any McAvoy fans greatly appreciated :) / 18. New Blog Post link is in my bio it would mean a lot to me if you could check this out and comment on my latest post which is a Saoirse Ronan Inspired Style post :) / 19. Thanks mum for buying me this earlier today I can't wait to read it only got it because there are James McAvoy pictures and articles in it :) / 20. My dinner after work I was starving :) / 21. Ordered this top earlier thanks to Soap Style and my mum it's what Jacequeline's character Lauren Branning In EastEnders wore in tonight's episode, I can't wait till it comes :) / 22. Thanks Mum :) / 23. The Worlds End film was amazing I had a great night out with great friends :) / 24. my new top came today thanks to Miss Selfridge and Soap Style :) / 25. Have you seen my latest blog post? Link in my bio please check it out :) / 26. Just filmed three videos :) / 27. Just watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 as I was having some serious Twilight Saga feels :) / 28. Got this on Saturday yesterday I'm so happy it's the blue DVD case I can't wait to watch it James McAvoy :) / 29. Lunch :) / 30. Afternoon film with the best friend :) / 31. Lunch at Burger King :) / 32. I love my new denim jacket that I got today :) 33. Lunch :) / 34. Buckingham Palace today London bound :) / 35. Had lunch by a lovely pond today in St. James park :) / 36. Cripple of Inishmaan was amazing, Daniel Radcliffe was brilliant I highly recommend it :) 






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