Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Billie Piper The Effect National Theatre :)

So on Saturday 9th January, my best friend and I went to see the Play, The Effect at the National Theatre. It was amazing it's nearing it's end :( but if you want to go or if you get a chance to go then seriously go you won't regret it. The Effect is about a young man and a young woman, they take this drug and they fall in love but they don't if it;s the effect of the drug or if it is actually their feelings. It also has over plot twist and turns which are amazing and surprising but I don't want to spoil it for you.

Tom Goodman Hill he played Toby, I actually liked his character he has been in a lot like TV, Radio and Films but at the moment he is in Mr. Selfridge the amazing ITV drama. So I had to try and concentrate on his character and not at the fact that a lot of the time my head was screaming he's in the programme Mr.Selfridge.

Anastasia Hille I can't remember her characters name sorry but I know it began with L, I liked the actress I thought she was good at playing her character but I didn't really like her character. I didn't really connect with hers in the way I did with the other characters of the Play. However the actress I thought she did really great in playing this character, she also had her own twists and turns that connected with other characters and the Play, which kept the audience interested and guessing.

Jono O' Neill he played Tristan now his character I really liked he was really funny but could be serious and angry when he wanted to be, which just shows how good of an actor Jono is. I'd never seen him in anything before seeing him in this, I hadn't even heard of him. Again his character had his own plot twists and turns which also kept the audience interested.

Billie Piper she played Connie now her character I loved, now the main reason why I went to go and see the Play was because Billie was in it. I loved her character because she was so easy to connect with and watch. Apart from the clothes Connie and Tristan had to wear when they were supplied with the drug by Anastasia Hille's character, I thought Connie sense of style was amazing and current to today's modern style and her characters age. I just think Billie did fantastic and I'm so pleased I got to see her in this Play, if you are a huge fan of her like I am and you haven't seen this Play then why not, go ahead while you still have a chance. I also actually got to meet her after the Play, there were some fans waiting by the stage door and my friend and I were going to go because we both had a headache and then Billie came out, I was starstruck I managed to get her autograph and a few pictures with her. I am so grateful and lucky and she was so lovely and sweet she got round to everyone even if it was signing, or having a photo taken with a fan or both, she got round to everyone. So I can now officially say that I've met Billie Piper :)

I'm in no way trying to brag 

What did you think of the Play The Effect? 





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