Friday, 31 August 2012

London Sightseeing Trip 15/08/12

Hi Everyone! 

So on 15/08/12 I went to London :) with my camera vlog friend who does most of my vlog filming. Anyway so I just watched the vlog back and I forgot to add in a clip of me explaining how are day was, what we did and if I would recommend the tours that we did or not. I've uploaded the vlog now and deleted the clip so I thought I would explain it in this blog post here to make it a bit longer rather than just loads of pictures all of the time. 

Our day was brilliant we did all of the bus tours with the bus tour company that we were with that day, the red, blue and yellow. We didn't do the boat tour because we were too tired it was cold and windy, I swear I almost felt like I was getting frostbite on one of the last bus tours that we did that day. 

I would totally recommend the bus tours we both got a pair of earphones for either two of the bus tours or one of them I can't remember because when I'm writing this now it's been a long time since I've been on that London day trip out. 

Our day was brilliant the weather was very windy and it rained a lot but it was worth it because we both had a great day, we both liked all of the bus tours that we did because the live ones where a person talks about the London attractions and gives important and interesting information about them, the earphones bus tours have interesting variations about them. 

To me the live ones were the most interesting ones because it's really cool and clever how they remember the important, interesting and cool information about all of the different London attractions that we saw that day. It's also really nice having them make jokes or explain more about a certain London attraction rather than having to listen about them through earphones all of the time. 

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