Monday, 20 August 2012

Day Out to Margate 12/08/12

Hi Everyone!

So on Sunday 12/08/12 I went to Margate with my camera friend who helps me film a lot of my vlogs on my Youtube channel Winterskel.

I did film a vlog there but it's short but I will put pictures in to make it longer and I would like to show you the souvenirs I purchased from Margate.

The first place I went to with my friend was Turner Contemporary which is a visual arts organisation, in my opinion it was one of the best places I went to with her, I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the huge organisation and looking at the interesting and fascinating art.

It's free admission but they are an organisation and they ask visitors to donate £3 to keep the organisation open, so me and my friend split it and donated £1.50 each. They have lot's of little gifts to the right of the doors as the visitors walk in but neither me or my friend purchased any souvenirs from there.

My friend and I both agreed that our favourite piece of art was Rodin's The Kiss because it's the first piece  of art that me and her both saw as you walk through the doors and if it's not the same then it's really similar to what Billie Piper, Kaya Scodelario saw in their True Love episode three when they played their characters Holly and Karen.

I had a fantastic day with my best friend in Margate and I will show souvenirs in my vlog video link (will be here soon)

Turner Contemporary Art: :)

Margate Beach :)

Thanks for reading and take care 



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