Sunday, 29 April 2012

Denim Shirts Wearing and Styling Tips

Hi Everyone!

Denim Shirt: Primark  Maxi Dress: New Look 

Live For Endless Summer Days Top: New Look Denim Shirt: Primark Jeans: Topshop 

A Few Tips: 

  • As you can see from the pictures I style my denim shirts with a dress or a casual t-shirt which I think works well but you don't have to style your denim shirts the way I do it's up to you. 
  • I think Denim Shirts work well with Topshop jeans because the jeans aren't as thick as proper jeans and they don't feel like jeans, there soft instead. 
  • I don't wear dresses or skirts that often and a Denim Shirt can help with the outfit of a dress or a skirt. 
  • A Denim Shirt can make an outfit look more casual if that's a look you want to for or it can help make  a dress look less formal if you are heading out to town, or the park on a sunny day.
For more outfits please check out my video: 

I hope this post is helpful
Thanks for reading and take care 




  1. U are so stylish! what do u say about following each other sweetie?:X

  2. I really like the colour of the maxi dress and it looks nice with denim :)

    Tanesha x


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