Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Glamour Magazine

Hi everyone I saw a Glamour magazine today and I thought that I had to get mainly because it had the gorgeous Kristen Stewart on the cover. I've had a quick flick through the magazine and it has some really cool and interesting things in. The price of it was only two pounds which I thought it was a good price as I'm going to keep the magazine for my collection. The magazine also comes with a free nails Inc nail varnish worth eleven pounds on it's own, I got it in the shade basil street which looks to me like a light shade of nude, I think that you could choose between a nude colour, red, black and a brown. Thanks for reading and take care xoxo P.s I hope you like the pictures and sorry for the quality.

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  1. that's such a pretty nail color! and sounds like a great magazine! i'm going to buy it for my collection! :) Also, i'm new to blogger and would love if you checked out my blog! Thanks! XoXo MGYMNASTBEAUTY


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