Friday, 16 September 2011

A Quick Shopping Trip

Last Saturday I went on a quick shopping trip because I needed some few things for College. I got a folder and  a notepad but I won't take pictures of them because it's boring stuff. Anyway I decided to spend some of my birthday money and treat myself.

These are two pairs of earrings that I treated myself with:

From Whsmith I then got a pen pot for desk in my bedroom and might get another one for my make up brushes and I think they also had a magazine holder as well so I might get that. I think this was £1.99 but I'm not sure because I can't remember but I do know that it had money off. 

Then I was standing in the queue waiting to pay for the pen pot, I glanced down by the soap and celebrity gossip magazines and I saw this: 

I just knew that I had to get it mainly because it had Billie Piper on it and I love her, she is one of my favourite actresses, I only saw one of these magazines left in the stand but it could have been in the wrong place. It was £3.70 and to me that is expensive but it was totally worth it, I've looked in it once and it has some really cool things in it. I've never purchased this magazine before but I might do again in the future, the magazine is called Vintage Life in case you can't see it from the picture. 

Then I got this cute little vintage bag from New Look which was £6.99 but I got a bit of money off because I'm a student and I used my student card, I've used it once for a night out and I think it's one of those bags that go with everything, it can be daytime and night time bag.

Then I went to Superdrug and I admit that I went a bit skincare crazy but I wanted to test some new things out. 

I've tried the Clean and Clear Morning Energy face wash a few times and I love it, it smells so nice and it makes my skin nice and soft. I've tried the Superdrug Vitamin E range night cream and I love it, it smells amazing, leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised, if I do a monthly September favourites on my youtube channel then these two products will defiantly be in them.  

I've tried the Garnier Soft Essentials Complete Cleansing Milk once and also the Garnier B.B Cream as well. I might do a review on them on here when I've tested them out, I can't wait to try the Garnier Eye Roll on. 

Thanks for reading, hope you like the pictures 

Take care



  1. The pen pot is so pretty! I love Billie Piper too, thought she was amazing in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, wish it hadn't finished!xx

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  3. I love the bag, and I use the Clean and Clear morning burst facial cleanser also! You have a nice blog... we followed!(:

    Olivia from The Glamour Girls


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