Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Britney Spears Radiance Perfume Review

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I was struggling with what to write about as my first post, I had many ideas but I just couldn't think of how to type about them. Anyway I finally decided writing about one of my favourites singers Britney Spears and I wanted to do a review on one of her perfumes that I have. I have two of hers Radiance and Believe but if you want a review on Believe then please let me know. Anyway I decided to do my first review on her latest perfume Radiance.

The slogan is 'Choose Your Own Destiny' now I don't know about you but I believe that this is a perfect slogan for the perfume because I think that Britney has always said to her fans that you have to choose your own destiny and believe in your own dreams, whether it be in her music or interviews etcetera.

With any perfume people will either love it, like or hate it and for me I love this perfume because it just has all this different aromas and it is also one of those perfumes that can be a day and night perfume for me. You know when a perfume can sometimes be just a day or night perfume well for me this isn't one of them.

Now I'm not very good at describing what a perfume smells like but I will give it a go. This perfume has a light fresh girly girl scent to it and kind of fruity but I guess it depends on how much you put on. I don't put a lot on because I don't want to waist it, every perfume smells different on different people anyway but if you like it or even love it then that is the main thing.

When I first got this perfume I can't remember how long it did last me but I know that it lasted me a long time, I just got some more actually for my birthday. Now obviously it depends on what size bottle you get and where you get it from but I have the 30ml bottle and I know that you can get it from Argos  or Boots 

I rate this perfume product 10/10

What do you think of this product?

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  1. i love this perfume! Please do a review on belive if you haven't already?Lizzy,xxxx

    1. Thanks for commenting I will do a Believe blog post x


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